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David Cochrane
Researcher, Software Developer & Teacher

David Cochrane, born May 1st 1949, is a consultant astrologer, researcher, lecturer, teacher, author and computer programmer based in Gainesville, Florida. 

Pioneer in Astrological Computing

Cochrane’s expertise as a programmer of astrological software started in the 1970s when he collaborated with Neil Michelsen on mainframe computers.  When personal computing broke onto the market, Cochrane assisted Matrix in a pivotal role at their foundation.  He went on to found Cosmic Patterns and their flagship, Kepler Research software.  In the 21st century, he leads a team of four full-time computer programmers supported by technical staff and employs many free-lance astrologers.  When leading astrologers, researchers, financial wizards and academics around the world calculate charts, they still count on Cochrane’s genius some fifty years later. 

Robert Currey, Ken McRitchie & David Cochrane

Robert Currey, Ken McRitchie & David Cochrane

at the Kepler Research Conference, FL 2017

Cochrane’s research into astrology has been broad.  It has ranged from harmonic astrology to mathematical concepts (Fibonacci and Prime numbers) in astrology.  He has also mentored many astrologers with software and statistical advice with their research.

Replication of Gauquelin's Studies based on Personality Traits

In 2010 Cochrane collaborated with psychology professor, David Fink in a replication of the work of Michel Gauquelin with 962 non-eminent subjects.  They demonstrated the correspondence between personality traits as measured by psychometric tests and the positions of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in Gauquelin plus zones to a significant level.  This Master’s thesis was reviewed and passed by professors at the University of Florida.  This landmark paper has been cited many times by both astrological and skeptical publications.

First Kepler Research Conference 2017

The first astrological research conference this century was held in Florida in 2017.  Cochrane came up with the idea for the conference and was, with the organiser Courtney Roberts, one of the four founders of the conference and keynote speaker.  His key role was not just because he’s a great presenter, but he is now acknowledged as the leader in the field and the main inspiration for the current resurgence in astrological research.  


Popular Broadcaster & Lecturer

Cochrane has presented his research at conferences around the world.  In the last decade, he has taken advantage of new media.  He has created a series of 270 videos through his TV channel on YouTube.  These are available free and have been viewed over 250,000 times.  He has brought quality astrology to an entirely new audience.  His video output has included bridging the gap between physics, psychology and sociology with astrology. 

Cochrane also co-founded The Avalon School of Astrology with his wife Fei.  It is one of the only state-licensed physical astrology schools in the USA.

Books & Theses

Astrology for the 21st Century (2002) David Cochrane

AstroLocality Magic (2002) David Cochrane

A Reassessment of the Mars Effect and Other Planetary Effects (2010) David Cochrane & Professor David Fink

Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn Effects on Extraversion/Introversion (2010) David Cochrane & Professor David Fink

Vibrational Astrology: Interpreting Aspects (2016) Linda Berry & David Cochrane

Biographies of Astrology Researchers

Gauquelin and Eysenck's collaborative research

Cutting from a German newspaper confirms Eysenck & Gauquelin's joint research

Charles Harvey, astrologer

Charles Harvey one of the most influential astrologers of the twentieth century. 

Professor Suitbert Ertel

Sceptical researcher into Gauquelin's claims

Michel Gauquelin
Obituary by Professor Hans Eysenck published in the Independent (1991)
Robert Currey
Astrologer, Researcher and Astro*Carto*Grapher
Jim Lewis

The life and times of Jim Lewis Astro*Carto*Graphy pioneer

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