Leading researchers & other astrologers
Professor Suitbert Ertel, psychologist

Sceptical researcher into the claims of Gauquelin and others

Zane Stein

Astrologer known for his pioneering work on Chiron & the Centaurs

Gauquelin and Eysenck's collaborative research

Cutting from a German newspaper confirms Eysenck & Gauquelin's joint research

Frank Clifford, Teacher & Palmist

Multi-talented astrologer publisher, journalist, educator & consultant

Charles Harvey, astrologer

Charles Harvey one of the most influential astrologers of the twentieth century. 

Michel Gauquelin

Obituary by Professor Hans Eysenck published in the Independent (1991)

Robert Currey

Astrologer, researcher & Astro*Carto*Grapher

Jim Lewis

The life and times of Jim Lewis Astro*Carto*Graphy pioneer

David Cochrane, Programmer, Teacher & Researcher

A pioneer of astrological software and prolific researcher 

Gopal Bhattercharjee

Vedic Astrologer, Organizer & Teacher