Astrology Software

Astrology Software - Develop Astrology Software Astrology Explorer 3D and offer Free Online Astrology Birth (Natal) Chart Generation Horoscope. ~
The Astrology X-File Cabinet - Readings by astrologer Sarah based in part upon ancient hellenistic astrological techniques.
Astro*Cal Astrology Calendar Software Astro*Cal Astrology Calendar Software - offers two astrology programs: 1. Astroscan, for unique graphical calculation and analysis , and 2. Insight Calendar, an astrological calendar and agenda. Ideal for the novice, but advanced astrological data is also available. ~

Configuration Hunter - Configuration Hunter - Free astrology software for searching various astral configurations. ~
Omnicycles - Astrology software. Personalized graphs show the "ups and downs" of your future in many areas - love, work, finances, travel, and more. View demo! ~
Astrology software - Horosoft™ Astrology Software, based on the Hindu system of vedic astrology, is the best selling Indian Vedic astrology software. ~
Astrology Software Shop - Western and Jyotish Astrology software with descriptions, screen shots, reviews, user ratings, and... ~
Mobile Kundli : Vedic Astrology Software for Palm Pilot ... - Vedic and krishnamurti paddhati software for hand held devices. Downloads, screenshots and feature details.
Astrology Software: The Kepler program - Kepler and Pegasus applications, for professional astrologers and students alike.
Astrology software for Macintosh AstroQuick - Graphical software for Mac OS. 30 days Free trial. Developed by astrologer Daniel Vega.
Matrix Software - Offers WinStar and WinWriter for preparing charts and reports [Windows]. Also includes online horoscopes...
Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) Software From GeoVision Software Inc. - Vedic software for both the professional astrologer and beginner. Also offers Shri Muhurta, a Vedic...
A-Rated Astrology Software, Programs, and Books - Chart calculation with synastry option. Sample reports available for download.
Astrology Software - Urania - powerful calculation and astrology chart drawing program, with configurable list of objects and dynamic search lists. ~
Goravani Jyotish, Vedic Astrology Software - Powerful software for Vedic Astrology (for Windows and Macintosh).
Macintosh Astrology Software at Time Cycles Research - Offers Mac software for preparing charts, and virtual planetarium; also offers famous charts on CD.
Astrolog Homepage - Freeware Astrolog 5.4 program. Details of features and screenshots.
Lucky Days Astrology Software for Gambling - Tracks lucky shapes in daily astrological transits for use with the stock market, handicapping and...
Vedic Astrology Software- HOROSOFT - Astrology software based on Hindu Astrology.
ZET - Astrology Software for Windows - Suitable for both the experienced astrologer and beginner. Capabilities include mouse sensitive natal...
World of Wisdom - Welcome! - Offers software items including Horoscope Interpreter, Astrology for Lovers and a screen saver. Also,...
Astrology software shareware, AstroMart program - Hosting and services for Astrology sites. With on-line chart calculations, and on-the-fly graphics.
Jyotisha and Muhurta - Hindu Vedic Astrology Software for Palm ... - The whole world of Hindu horoscopes will now easily fit in your pocket!
Professional Astrology Software for Windows and On-line Daily ... - Charting services, information about the Steinbrecher Astrological Data Collection, inner guide meditatio...
1.HOROSCOPE onLine (Astrology biorhythm software) - Offering natl chart reports, with fun instant answer section.
ASTROLABE: Astrology Software - Publisher of various titles to aid in charting and reporting, including the professional Solar Fire system.
Astrology Software - TimePassages Astrology - Interactive ... - Interactive Astrology software for both Macintosh and Windows.
Valja's Astrology page - Offers 5.41G version of the popular freeware Astrology program Astrolog. Details of changes to the program.
Astrology software shareware, AstroMart program - Multilingual site offering transits, synastry, progressions, sun and moon returns with graphics and...