Locational Astrology Sites

Maya White Astrologer and Intuitive Guide - An internationally recognized astrologer & intuitive guide. Certified Astro*Carto*Grapher & workshop guide. ~ www.mayawhite.com
Astrocartography - Rob Couteau's research into the role of the least aspected planet in astrocartography. Includes biographi... www.dominantstar.com
Beyond Astrocartography: Relocation Astrologer Julian Lee - Services and fees of Julian Lee, who specializes in recommending more successful locations for those... www.locational-astrologer.com
Angels Astrology at Angelsastrology.com - Horoscopes for You and ... - Forecasts, compatibility charts, relocation maps, specialty gifts, relocation maps, vocation maps,... www.angelsastrology.com
The Big Dig -- The Central Artery project in Boston Massachusetts ... - Argues that the project relates to worldwide events in some mystical way. Includes some construction... www.revelation13.net/bigdig.html
Astrology for Living: Nancy Kahn - Natal readings, counselling and astrcartography. members.aol.com/Nancykahn
Astrology, astrocartography and daily horoscope services by ... - Daily forecasts and charting services. www.starwise.com