Sites addressing Astrology, Children & Teenagers

Kate Arbon, Astrologer in Ireland - Experienced professional Astrologer gives phone & personal consultations. Horary questions, horoscope readings, career, relationships, child, futures etc. ~
Equinox Astrology - range of personal horoscopes in report format from Character Analysis, Year Forecasts, Child Profiles to Compatibility plus ~
Astro*Carto*Graphy - Locational astrology including maps, personal analyses, place selection.
Astro*Live*Link - Live astrology readings with top professional astrologers.
Astrology Shop On-Line - selection of chart interpretations and psychological horoscopes.
Teen horoscopes, Astrology for girls, kids Astrology. horoscopes ... - Offering games, advice, fashion, horoscopes, and fortune telling for girls.
Heaven's Child - Astrology for Babies and Children - Offering child and baby reports. Features information about each sign's stages of childhood.