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Tom Brokaw Explains Canada To Americans
"...I am struck by all the hidden talent and innovation lurking in the ancestral house - IC/4th h. - it is a place of tremendous creativity, very low key about it, But, it seemed to turn-type at the GOLD and the final scoring shot of the [2010] Winter Games!" ~ Erin Sullivan, astrologer commenting on the horoscope of the land of her birth.
Canada, the world's 2nd largest country by area is a federation consisting of 10 provinces and 3 territories. Canada is governed as a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state. It is a bilingual nation with both English & French as official languages.

Planetary listings for Canada

Astrological Theories
♆ Asc Longest boundaries in the world with USA are very loose & tranquil.
♆ Asc Canadians are often mistaken for US Americans. Americans have been known to masquerade as Canadians when abroad.
☉ ♋ Yet, Canadians are very proud to be unique and different from USA & UK.
☉ ♋ 4 □ ♆ Asc 'Modesty is Canada's strange vanity.'
☉ ♋ □ ♆ Asc + ☿ ♌ Many highly talented musicians, writers, actors and comedians.
☉ ♋ 4 + ☾ ♊ 3 Phenomenal number of Canadian authors.
☾ ♊ 3 Bilingual & dual heritage.
♀ ♊ Dual culture.
♃ ♓ 12 Vast buried resources esp. oil, gas, iron ore, zinc, uranium ... Canada's oil reserves 2nd to Saudi Arabia.
♃ ♓ ☍ ♂ △ ☉ Energy resources: oil, gas, HEP
♃ ♓ ☍ ♂ △ MC Success in combative contact sports: ice-hockey, Canadian Football, Lacrosse?
♆ Asc ♈ + Chiron; ♓ 12 First on continent with Universal Health Care - a priority. Connect with Robert Currey on Twitter
Compiled by Robert Currey & Karen Chiarello

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