The Journal of Psychological Astrology
Apollon - the publishing venture from the world-renowned Centre for Psychological Astrology in London. Featuring articles by leading practitioners in both astrology and psychology, the magazine's six issues are indispensable reading for students and professionals alike. Published in attractive A4 magazine format three times a year, each issue is a collector's item. 
"Apollon is a magnificent thoroughbred, in a class on its own, and like all thoroughbreds it is glossy coated and aesthetically beautiful. It is much more than the housemag of the CPA. ... Apollon is a landmark in astrological publishing." 
Robin Heath, Astrological Journal
he who causes the heavenly  
bodies to move together in harmony  

the simple,  
a euphemism for the complexity  
of the oracle, which is also honest  

to heal  
also to throw  
or strike (with consciousness) 

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Founded in 1983 by Liz Greene and the late Howard Sasportas, the CPA is at the forefront of the cross-fertilisation of astrology and depth, humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Following on from the highly acclaimed CPA Press series of transcribed seminars from the Centre's Diploma programme, Apollon offered its readers the opportunity to read the best writing in this field, in issues that focus on a particular theme. Click on each magazine to read the editorial. 
Cover of Issue 1
Cover of Issue 2
Cover of Issue 3
Issue 1 - October 1998
Issue 2 - April 1999
Relationships and Sexuality
Issue 3 - August 1999
Cover of Issue 4
Cover of Issue 5
Cover of Issue 6
Issue 4 - October 1999
Fate and Prediction
Issue 5 - April 2000
The child
Issue 6 - January 2001
Apollon has taken a break after Issue 6. This is to enable us to regroup and marshall our resources with a view to exploring marketing and distribution outside the UK. All six are available as back issues, however. 
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