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The History of the AA

Chart for the founding of the AA

The AA was formed at 7.22 pm on 21 June 1958 in London by a group of astrologers from the Astrological Lodge, which itself had been founded by Alan Leo in 1915. The two most prominent members were John Addey, who originated the theory of harmonics, and Roy Firebrace, the sidereal astrologer and founder of the magazine, Spica. They were backed by Charles Carter and many other prominent Lodge members, including Joan Rodgers, Margaret Hone and Ingrid Lind.

The founding members' main purpose was to bring astrology out of the fringe and into society's mainstream. John Addey contributed both his profound understanding of Platonic philosophy, in which the stars and planets reveal the passage of time, and time itself allows the unfolding of the Ideas which emanate from the First Cause, or Creator, and his flare for statistical and mathematical research.

At the same time the full implications of modern work in depth psychology had transformed the average astrologers understanding of astrology, which was now seen very much as a means to character analysis and as an aid to counselling and therapy: the future was no longer to be predicted, but changed.

Throughout the sixties and seventies the AA pursued this triple track programme, encouraging philosophical depth, psychological understanding and scientific research. Charles Harvey took over from John Addey as President in 1972 and did much to carry the AA's message around the world. In particular Charles presided over the first conference on astrological research, which was held at London University's Institute for Psychiatry in 1979.

The AA Today

The AA currently has about 1,600 members, 1,000 in the UK and the rest around the world. Most members keep in touch with the AA via its four publications.

The principle publication is the Journal, published six times a year, and respected around the world as a forum for high quality debate and discussion. The current editor is Gerasime Patilas. Past editors include Robin Heath, Suzi Harvey, Zach Matthews, Joan Rodgers, Adrian Ross Duncan and John Addey himself. Occasional guest editors take responsible for special issues, and in the recent past Nick Campion and Charles Harvey have prepared mundane issues (Nick also edited a history issue) and Jane Ridder-Patrick edited a medical issue.

The AA also publishes Correlation, an academic level bi-annual journal on astrological research and edited by Pat Harris, a Newsletter containing information, debate and opinion, and the Medical Astrology Newsletter, the only journal in the world devoted to medical astrology.

The AA also organises occasional seminars on all aspects of astrology. The highlight of the astrological year is, of course the annual conference, which is always held on the weekend following the first Friday in September, beginning on the Friday and concluding on the Monday with a choice of post-conference events.

How to Contact Us

You can contact the Astrological Association by email. We would be delighted to try to be of help. Alternatively write to us at:

The Astrological Association
Unit 168, Lee Valley Technopark
Tottenham Hale
London N17 9LN

Phone +44 (0)208 880 4848 / fax 4849

The National Council for Geocosmic Research

The NCGR is one of the leading American Astrological organisations. They publish the NCGR Journal bi-annually, members of the AA enjoy a reciprocal arrangement with the NCGR which includes reduced membership rates.

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